8th Yoga-Rainbow in Cirali, Turkey 3–9 may 2014

Programm of 8th Yoga-Rainbow 2014:


Yoga Synergy with Simon Birg Olivier (Australia)
including pre-festival workshop 30 apr – 2 may & post-festival intensive 10 may
Vinyasa Krama with Anthony Grim Hall (UK)
Shivananda yoga with Madhavan Munusamy (India)
Kurma and Tri Yoga with Oleg Flow (USA)
Durga Yoga with Dearbhla Kelly (Ireland, USA)
Interactive Acrobatic Yoga with Brian Yuen & Lorrie Shepard (USA)
including post-festival certification workshop 10-12 may
Yoga108 with Mikhail Baranov (Russia)
Dhirendra Brahmachari yoga with Leonid Gartsenstein (Moldova)
Yoga Nidra with Past Life Regression & Shakti Power Yoga108 with Ilya Zhuravlev (Russia)
Shadow Yoga with Andrey Rozhnov (Ukraine)
Iyengar Yoga with Tatyana Tolochkova (Auroville, India)
Yin-yoga bu Paul Grilley with Maria Vorobyova (Moscow)
Ashtanga Hatha & Raja yoga with Roman Rokotyol (Ukraine)
Yoga-therapy with Artem Frolov (Russia)
Kirtan, Thai massage, Contact Improvisation!

Follow the updates on the website and see you on the shore of the Mediterranean in the village of yoga, orange trees and pomegranate groves, Cirali.

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Simon Borg-Olivier (Australia)

30 april – 2 may pre-festival Yoga Synergy workshop with Simon!

3 days of practice & theory (15 hours workshop)
Every day one morning practical class (2 hours) and lecture + practice daytime (3 hours)
Yoga Synergy sequence practice and Applied anatomy & physiology of yoga lections.
Price of workshop 150$
Registration yogafest108@gmail.com


3-9 may master-classes on Yoga-Rainbow festival

1. Using your arms: Developing internal power with strong heart and lungs: How to make your life fun and practical

2. Using your legs: Developing external power and internal health: How to make your life easy and pain free

3. Using your spine: Developing energy and flexibility with core strength: How to make your life a graceful dance and rid yourself of back pain


10 maypost-festival advanced class & lection (on Yoga108 Advanced Cource, drop-in available)
Yoga Synergy intensive practical class
Lection – The effects of exercise and breathing on the cardiopulmonary system


These classes are in English


Simon Borg-Olivier MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) is a Co-Director of Yoga Synergy, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected yoga schools. The Yoga Synergy style is based on a deep understanding of yoga anatomy, yoga physiology and traditional Hatha Yoga. Simon has been teaching since 1982. He is a registered physiotherapist, a research scientist and a university lecturer. Simon has been regularly invited to teach at special workshops and conferences interstate and overseas since 1990.

Suffice to say, Simon has led an extraordinary life. At the age of six, he was introduced to yogic breathing (pranayama) by his father George who taught him to swim underwater, and the main bandhas (internal locks) through a family friendship with Rhodesian Olympian Basil Brown. At the age of 17, he met a Tibetan Lama who introduced him to the philosophy and practice of Tantric Yoga. In 1985, Simon met his primary teacher Natanaga Zhander (Shandor Remete) with whom he studied for almost two decades. He has also studied with such internationally revered Indian teachers as BKS Iyengar, K. Pattabhi Jois and TKV Desikachar. Since 2007, Simon has been developing his yoga practice and understanding by studying with Master Zhen Hua Yang.

During the past 20 years, as well as running a successful yoga school, Simon has continued to both study and teach at the University of Sydney. Simon has completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, a research-based Master of Science in Molecular Biology and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy. As well as teaching both group and individual classes through Yoga Synergy, Simon also teaches regularly at workshops and conferences both nationally and internationally. He lives in Sydney with his wife and fellow-yoga teacher Vitoria and their children Amaliah and Eric.


Bachelor of Science in Human Biology (1980)
Oki Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (1984)
Shiatsu Massage Certificate (1985)
Master of Science in Molecular Biology (1986)
Chinese Massage Certificate (1987)
Iyengar Teacher Training Certificate (1991)
Registered Physiotherapist (Bachelor of Applied Science) (1996)
Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification ERT500 (2010)


Early on, Simon and Bianca realized the importance of understanding the human body. Not only did they both return to university to become fully qualified physiotherapists, but together they developed Yoga Synergy’s Applied Anatomy & Physiology Course of Hatha Yoga – the only one of its kind – in conjunction with the unique Yoga Synergy style of yoga. This course is pivotal to the training of each Yoga Synergy teacher and is also attended by Yoga Synergy students, and yoga teachers and teachers-in-training from all styles of yoga.

In 2007, the couple was approached to turn this course into a tertiary course to be taught as part of the Integrative Applied Eastern Anatomy and Physiology taughtat Melbourne’s RMIT University. Simon and Bianca wrote the course and have both taught it to the university’s students. (Simon continues to be the course’s primary lecturer.) The course also forms part of a new internationally recognised degree, the Master of Wellness. The main textbook used is one that Simon and Bianca co-authored called Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga.

Web yogasynergy.com.au

Simon`s interview for Wild Yogi magazine



Anthony Grim Hall (UK)


1. Lecture concerning Krishnamacharya’s heritage. Discussing Krishnamacharya’s life, his first books «Yoga Makaranda» (1934) and «Yogasanagalu» (1941) and how they evolved into Ashtanga Vinyasa Purple evening dresses of Pattabhi Jois but also looking for consistency with his later teaching.

2. Original Ashtanga vinyasa sequence based on «Yoga Makaranda». Led practice/workshop in the style of Krishnamacharya’s first books «Yoga Makaranda» and «Yogasanagalu». Appropriate for any level employing not so difficult asana but a stronger breath focus, slowing and lengthening the breath, employing breath retention (kumbhaka) longer stays.

3. Later Krishnamacharya – Vinyasa Krama asana sequence. Sort Evening Dresses
Pranayama, pratyahara, meditation. Krishnamacharya’s later work, Vinyasa krama, as taught by Srivatsa Ramaswami. Again, appropriate I hope for any level. The asana practice will be shorter to allow time for exploring pranayama and pratyahara as well as a little japa meditation practice.

These classes are in English.


Anthony Grim Hall (London). I first started practicing yoga in 2007 as a way of dealing with the anger of having my house burgled. I was in my mid forties over weight and not very flexible. I learnt through Ashtanga books from the local Library, and later from videos. I started a blog in 2008, Krishnamacharya Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama yoga at home, to share my home practice. Over the years the blog has become more historical and particularly an investigation, both in theory and practice of Krishnamacharya’s teaching. I have been coordinating and serialising a translation of Krishnamacharya’s second book, Yogasanagalu on the blog with the help of Kannada translator Satya Murthy. The blog has received almost 1,500,000 visits.
In 2010 I attended Srivatsa Ramaswami’s ( Krishnamacharya’s student for 33 years) Vinyasa krama teacher training course.
In 2011 I Self-Published a book, The Complete Vinyasa Yoga Practice Book aimed at developing a home Vinyasa yoga practice.
Since 2009 I have attempted, through my writing and practice to find consistency in Krishnamacharya’s teaching from the early years of Ashtanga Vinyasa through to the later years of Vinyasa Krama.


Web grimmly2007.blogspot.com

Dearbhla Kelly (USA)



1. Ancient Practice, Modern Insights: Yoga and the Science of the Self?. Asanas, kriyas, pranayama are some of the techniques of hatha yoga mentioned in the 15C Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Contemporary science confirms the importance of these practices for our physical health, energetic resilience, and psychic wellbeing. We will begin with a brief discussion of the science behind why these practices work so well, followed by a physical practice beginning with pranayama and abdominal kriyas, and move into a stabilizing and energetizing vinyasa practice. Be prepared to leave feeling rejuvenated and expansive. Lecture & Practice.

2. The Art of Backbends. Backbends are highly beneficial energetically, emotionally and physiologically: from stretching the upper body, decompressing the lumbar spine and encouraging deep diaphragmatic breathing, to feeling exhilarated and open-hearted. Just as the tree needs roots that are anchored deeply in the earth to soar towards the sky, deep backbends need structural support from the trunk of the body. Sweetness and ease (sukha) in backbends require stability (sthiram), which comes from abdominals, thighs and bandhas.
We will take a close look at the structural components of backbending: how to use the abdominals, and muscles of the inner thighs and pelvic floor. We will also address mula and uddiyana bandhas, the more subtle components of achieving a safe and deep backbend. Focusing on stability and grace will make way for ease. Prepare to go deep and leave feeling open, bright, and smiling from your lotus heart. Practice.

3. Flooded with Joy. Your brain contains a network of neurons, incomparably vast, with more connections than are stars in the Milky Way. Lit up, this luminous filigree would dazzle all within its sights. The threads of this delicate web are pulsing with shimmering molecules, tiny packets of ecstasy, spreading their dharma of delight. Deep breathing stimulates a cascade of bliss molecules to light up every fibre of your being; practicing asana and pranayam your body becomes a field of radiant sensation.
Our vinyasa flow practice will be a moving meditation on the breath as we flow from surya namaskar to standing poses, deep forward folds, twists and exultant backbends. We will sing the body electric and breathe the body of bliss. Come celebrate your senses! Practice.

These classes are in English.

Dearbhla Kelly (M.A. ) is a Los Angeles-based yoga teacher, philosopher and writer whose work has appeared in the Huffington Post, Yoga Journal, and Origin Magazine. A dedicated ashtanga practitioner, Dearbhla teaches yoga, philosophy and neuroscience workshops worldwide. Her lilting Irish accent and Dublin wit make her classes uniquely enjoyable.

Web durgayoga.com

Madhavan Munusamy (India)

Master classes:

Classical pranayamas and meditation in the Sivananda Yoga tradition (icluding Surya Namaskar and asanas). Satsang about yoga philosophy.

3 master-classes.

These classes are in English.



Dr. Madhavan Munusamy belongs to the South-Indian branch of Swami Sivananda tradition of yoga. Yogacharya Madavan is Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Venkatramana Ayurvedic Medical College (Chennai); he also received a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy from Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana in Bangalore and attended the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta ashram TTC and Advanced TTC courses. He was initiated by Swami Chidananda, a disciple of Swami Sivananda who currently runs Sivananda ashram in Rishikesh. While teaching, Dr. Madavan also follows Tirumandiram, the ancient sacred Tamil scripture. He was instructed in it by his father, who practises yoga and meditation throughout his life. Dr. Madavan’s Institute is registered by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Yogacharya Madhavan is an expert in pranayama and yoga therapy, and his yoga students are frequent champions of International Yoga Festival run by Swami Gitananda ashram, Puducherry (Pondicherry).

Website madhavan-yoga.blogspot.com

Interview with Dr.Madhavan for Wild Yogi magazine


Madhavan`s class outdoors. Part of documental movie about Yoga-Rainbow in Turkey.

Oleg Flow (USA)


1. Morning pranayama & asanas. Simple breathing techniques to elevate the psyche utilizing the mudras and bandhas. Combining inverted postures with pranayama to increase the potency of pranayama. Practice and theory

2. TriYoga (level 3). Intensive controlled flow of asanas and kriyas. The harmonious mix of postures and direction of energy. Effective usage of breath during practice. Practice.

3. Restorative flow in frame by frame motion where one movement is split into several movements and breaths that can effectively reach and engage the deep muscle of the body. Creating a strong foundation for higher levels of asana practice. Practice and theory.

These classes are in Russian


Oleg Yevsyeyev (pronounced Yev’say’yev’) follows in the footsteps of his Ukrainian mother, Olga, who was a successful yoga teacher at a time and in a country where yoga was a new art form. As a child, Oleg was a natural athlete. He excelled in many sports, medaling in swimming, judo, and taekwondo in regional, national, and international competitions. His career in athletics was cut short, however, by a serious shoulder injury, and he was forced to abandon the more traditional forms of athletics in which he had shown such promise.
As his yoga career blossomed, he found success conducting private and group classes in the Ukraine. In partnership with his mother, he formed the first Tri Yoga Center in Ukraine, and he traveled around the world teaching and lecturing in Spain, Israel, China, Australia, Italy, Great Britain, Turkey, Egypt, Russia and the United States.

He appeared on television in the Ukraine and in China teaching yoga classes on morning programs. In 1993, Oleg began to study under his most important teacher – the woman who would influence him the most.

The highly acclaimed, international yoga master, Kali Ray formed a close mentoring relationship with Oleg; whenever visiting the combined nations of the Soviet Union, she used Oleg as her class demonstrator because of his exceptional strength flexibility and graceful form.

Today Oleg Flow (as he now calls himself) lives a blessed life of daily reflection and routine Yoga practice in the golden hills of Southern California overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Throughout his learning and mastering of Yoga over the years, Oleg has developed and continued to refine his own carefully constructed yoga system for treating addiction, anxiety, depression, which crystallized in 2011 into the practice that he now calls “Kurma Yoga.”

Oleg is currently employed as Master Yoga Teacher at the Malibu Beach Recovery Center, a cutting-edge alcohol and drug treatment center, where he is able to promote the benefits of the system that he has spent his life creating to clients who didn’t know there could be a wholesome, natural solution to their chronic, emotional problems. His certainty that the essential, proper breathing technique is the core of a successful yoga practice and creates a profound relationship between body, mind and spirit has inspired not only addicts, but people suffering from emotional, mental and physical conditions and various forms of self destructive behavior to change their lives and experience what once seemed an elusive dream – simple, daily happiness.

Oleg offers group and individual classes in Malibu and throughout the greater Los Angeles area. He teaches different levels of yoga emphasizing breathing, gentle flowing movements, working to restore connective tissue, stimulate deep muscle growth and enhance strength and endurance. His use of dynamic and static flow-yoga combined with controlled, correct breathing, all lead to increased strength, flexibility and profound focus. He frequently travels, appearing as a Guest Teacher at conferences, workshops and yoga retreats where he demonstrates to other professional yoga teachers the remarkable benefits of proper breathing in combination with a regular yoga practice.

Web olegflow.com


Brian Yuen & Lorrie Shepard (USA)


Interactive Acrobatic Yoga. 3 classes on Festival

+ IAY Certification Course 10-12 may 2014 (details below)

These classes are in English.


Brian (E-RYT 200, RYT 500), co-founder of Interactive-Yoga with Lorrie Shepard, is a Certified AcroYoga® Teacher, certified for kids yoga (Ring One CircusYoga® & Lotus Yoga), yoga for kids with special needs (Every Kid’s Yoga) prenatal yoga (Ma Yoga), Thai Yoga (New England School of Thai Yoga Level 2 with Jennifer Yarro; Lotus Palm Level 1), a graduate of the 300 hour Lotus Yoga Teacher Training program and has been practicing yoga since 2001, teaching since 2006.

Among the many wonderful teachers he has studied with are the usual and some not-so-usual suspects, from various traditions including Iyengar, Kripalu, Ashtanga and Thai yoga.

Brian conducts a wide range of classes & workshops including yoga for children with autism, veterans, seniors, seniors with Alzheimer’s, partner yoga, and thai yoga.



Lorrie Shepard – RYT 500 and certified restorative yoga teacher. Beginning her yoga journey in the B.K.S. Iyengar tradition in 2000, Lorrie graduated from YogaWorks’ 200 hr teacher training in 2008, Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training with Jillian Pransky (2009 and 2012), Teaching Yoga to Children with Special Needs (Every Kid’s Yoga) with Craig Hanauer (2011). She has had the opportunity to study numerous styles of yoga with many brilliant teachers and all have informed her own practice and teaching. Lorrie’s heart has been opened wide by sharing yoga with U.S. Veterans, yoga for children with autism, leading restorative workshops/classes, and sharing the magic and support of partner yoga. Lorrie’s classes blend traditional and healing qualities of yoga, and encourage students to explore and discover their potential and bring lightness into their practice and into their lives.

Together with Brian Yuen, Lorrie co-founded Interactive Yoga with the intention of bringing yogis together to experience sangha in an encouraging, inspiring and supported space. Offering public and private classes, workshops, and events for gentle/restorative, guided meditation, partner yoga, and vinyasa, she is devoted to inspire, share, motivate, encourage, assist you in creating wellness.

Lorrie has deep love and gratitude for the offerings of her past and present teachers and is honored to pass on the teachings; she is grateful and humbled by the beautiful lessons from her students.



Interactive Acrobatic Yoga Certification Intensive 10-12 may 2014 (Cirali, Turkey)

Dive deeper into AcroYoga!

Stay a few more days in beautiful Cirali after the festival for a weekend filled with AcroYoga and warm Turkish days.

Whether or not you attended any of the AcroYoga sessions at the Rainbow Festival, this is your opportunity to dive deep into the practice. Immerse yourself in a 3 day intensive AcroYoga experience (beach time included!).

This intensive is designed to move from the basic to more advanced poses, flowing into transitions, building up to washing machines (repeated flows) and some standing acrobatics. Each evening we will round out the session by indulging in guided Thai bodywork.

Brian Yuen & Lorrie Shepard will be leading this immersive experience.

Certification: students attended all classes will get Interactive Acrobatic Yoga Intensive certificate of 17 hours (if you visited 3 classes with Brian & Lorrie during Yoga-Rainbow Festival + full Intensive programm) or 11 hours (only Intensive 10-12 may) of studying.

Price of course 175$ (one day drop-in 100 $)


May 10
19:00-20:00 Welcome Session (open to all)
May 11
10:00-12:30 Session 1 – Skills Training, Flying Poses & Transitions
12:30-15:00 Free time for beach & exploring the nearby historic area
15:00-16:30 Jam time – optional time to refine the movements
16:30-19:00 Rest & refuel
19:00-21:00 Session 2 – Transitions & Washing Machines; Restorative Flying & Guided Thai Massage
May 12
10:00-12:30 Session 3 – Standing Poses & Washing Machines
12:30-15:30 Free time for beach & exploring the historic area
15:30-17:30 Session 4 – More Transitions & Washing Machines; Restorative Flying & Guided Thai Massage

Website www.interactive-yoga.com

Ilya Zhuravlev (Moscow)


1. Yoga108 Shakti Power sequence. Vyaama, Vinyasa and asanas. Intermediate level. Practice.

2. Yoga-Nidra with Past Life Regression. Theory & practice.

These classes are in Russian.

Ilya Zhuravlev: «After I got a Master’s Degree in Philosophy at the Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow), I started teaching yoga, visiting India and spending a lot of time there.

My first yoga-teacher was Jayakumar Swamishri from Mysore. He taught in the tradition of Swami Kuvalayananda and Bangalore Yoga Institute, giving classes at the Indian Embassy in Moscow for several years. I started my practice with him in 1995-96. At the end of the 90’s I also started practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with Igor Mededev and the seminars of Andrey Sidersky and Andrey Lappa, yoga teachers from Ukraine. In 1999 was one of the founders of Moscow Ashtanga Yoga Center and became one of its leading teachers.

My first trip to India was in 2001. There I practiced in Morarji Desai National Yoga Institute in Delhi (Dhirendra Brahmachari’s school) under the personal supervision of Bal Mukund Singh. In the same year I continued the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga in Mysore with B.N.S. Iyengar (Bramatantra Parakala Mutt). It was in this hall on the second floor of Hayagriva Temple where Shri T. Krishnamacharya (BNS Iyengar’s teacher) taught in the 30’s. I also practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa with V.Sheshadri (Mysore Mandala Yogashala). Since then I have been visiting India every year, spending several months there. In 2003 I started studying at Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute and my teachers were Shri K. Patabhi Jois and R.Sharath.

In addition to this, I attended the classes of Yogacharya Gopala Krishna in Bangalore, classes in ashrams of Rishikesh (Yoga Niketan Ashram, Yogashala of Swami Samarpananda Saraswati from Bihar school) and Pondicherry (Swami Gitananda Ashram). I studied shatkarmas, pranayamas and meditation in the tradition of Sivananda Yoga with Doctor Madhavan Munusamy (Vivekananda Yoga Therapy Institute, Tamil Nadu), who granted me a certificate in 2006. I accomplished a training course in Sivananda Yoga Ashram (2008, Neyar Dham, Kerala). I have participated in the intensive training courses by Shandor Remete (“Shadow Yoga”), Kali Ray (“Tri Yoga”), Gabriella Giubilaro (Iyengar Yoga), David Swenson (accomplished a certification course in 2010), Mark and Joanne Darby (Canada), Andrey Lappa (teacher training course in 2004, “Universal Yoga”, intermediate level).

I am familiar with Tibetan styles of asana practice (Yantra Yoga in the tradition of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, taught by Fabio Andrico; Trul Khor in the tradition of Yundrung Bon, taught by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche). I accomplished David Frowley’s course “Yoga and Ayurveda” (American Institute of Vedic Studies). I am practicing kriya yoga in the tradition of Lahiri Mahasai (taught by Shri Shailendra Sharma, Govardhan)» Ilya is certified hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression therapyst, completed course with Rifa Hogson (Canada), certified teacher of Michael Newton Institute.

Web: mahadev108.com

Interview with Ilya Zhuravlev for yasochka.name

Ilya on Facebook

Ilya`s class. Part of documental movie about Yoga-Rainbow in Turkey.

Mikhail Baranov (Moscow)


1 & 2 Presentation of Yoga108 system

These classes are in Russian.

Mikhail Baranov studied at Jazz College “Zamoskvorechye” (bass-guitar). Took interest in yoga in 1995 and attended yoga-seminars of Andrey Sidersky (Kiev), and training courses, seminars and regular classes of other teachers. Practiced at Moscow Ashtanga Yoga Center with Mikhail Konstantinov, Denis Zaenchkovsky and Olga Bulanova since 2000. Started teaching yoga in fitness-clubs. Has been teaching regularly in AYC since 2002. In 2004 accomplished a certification course of Andrey Lappa (teacher training, 1-2 grade). In 2002-07 practiced in India under the supervision of Bal Mukund Singha (Delhi), asana and sukshma-vyayama in the tradition of Drirendra Brahmachari and Doctor Madhavan (Tamil Nadu) – shatkarma, asanas and pranayama in the tradition of Swami Sivananda, as well as intensive training courses of Shandor Remete (Australia), held in Russia in 2004 and 2005. In 2008-2009 accomplished an extension course on the programme “Yoga and Ayurveda”.
Accomplished a course “Yoga and Ayurveda” by David Frowley (American Institute of Vedic Studies). In 2010 took a 40-hour course by David Svenson (certification course for Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teachers).

Has been holding seminars in Russia and abroad since 2003, and teaching on regular pranayama courses in Moscow and at Moscow AYC teacher-training course. Certificates: “Universal Yoga – first & second levels” (A. Lappa), «Vivekananda Institute of Yoga Therapy» (Dr. M. Madhavan), “Yogatherapy and Ayurveda” (traditional health improvement systems together with AYC and the Institute of Integrative Psychology of Professional Development). Authorship and development of methodical programmes of hatha yoga teaching (“Ashtanga Yoga Centre Introductory Course”) and pranayama (“Methods of Preparation to Pranayama”).
Authorship of numerous instructional video programmes on hatha yoga practice since 2004.

Has been practicing Buddhist meditation, vipassana since 2001 (since 2007 – in the tradition of Thai Forest Sangha). Has been practicing pranayama and meditation in the yoga tradition of Lahiri Mahasai lineage (Guruji Shri Shailendra Sharma, Govardhan) since 2006.

Co-editor and regular autor of internetional online WILD YOGI Magazine, co-founder of international Yoga-Rainbow Festival in Cirali, Turkey.

Web: mahaihos.com
Yoga108 Center (Moscow) yoga108.com

Mikhail on Facebook

«Surya-Namaskar Yoga108″ by M.Baranov

Maria Vorobyeva (Moscow)


1. Bio-mechanics in Hatha Yoga. Lecture.

2. Yin yoga by Paul Grilley. Practice.

These classes are in Russian

For the first time I was interested in yoga in 1997 when I started to practice yoga in Iyengar Yoga Center in Moscow with Sergey Mikhailov (Senior Intermediate 2) and Inna Mashyanova (Junior Intermediate 3). After one year practice there came an interest in other methods and schools – I brought books by Andrey Sidersky (author of his own personal method of yoga teaching). After finishing these books I started to practice dynamic yoga at home plus – Iyengar yoga in the group.
In 1997-2000 I took part in workshops of Andrey Lappa (Universal Yoga), Andrey Sidersky, Anatolii Zenchenko (Ishvara Yoga) and other workshops, master classes and intensives of yoga teachers from Russia and Ukraine. From 2000 I started to visit intensive yoga classes in the Moscow Ashtanga Yoga Center with Denis Zaenchkovskii and began to teach yoga there in 2001.
I studied under the guidance of Bal Mukund Singh (disciple of Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari, Delhi), with B.N.S Iyengar (disciple of Shri T. Krishnamacharya, Patanjala Yogashala), Gopala Krishna (Bangalore), Dr. M.Madhavan (Karur, Tamil Nadu, Vivekananda Yoga Therapy Institiute, 2005-06), attended classes in yoga-ashrams of Rishikesh: Yoga Niketan ashram, Swami Samarpananda (Bihar school of yoga) and in Pondicherry (Swami Gitananda ashram). I participated in training-intensives with Kali Ray, Dominic Corigliano, Marc & Joan Darby, David Swenson, Andrey Sidersky and Andrey Lappa (Ukraine). I am also interested in Auruveda – in 2008 completed 300 hours course of American Institiute of Vedic Studies (David Frowley). From 2005 I practice Ashtanga Yoga. I practiced in Mysore with Shri K. Pattabhi Jois and R. Sharath Jois.

My certificates:

“Crimean Institute of Physical Culture on the basis of Practical Yoga”, A. Zenchenko
“Vivekananda Institute of Yoga Therapy”, Munusami Madavan M.D. (Karur, Tamil Nadu)
“Yoga therapy and Ayurveda”, Academy of traditional systems of health improving
“Yoga Therapy as a method of integrative body oriented psychology”, Institute of Integrative Psychology and Professional Development
“Yoga and Ayurveda Health Educator”, American Institute of Vedic Studies, Dr. David Frawley
In 2010 I was authorized by R. Sharath Jois.
«Anatomy, Theory and Practice» Yin Yoga Teacher Training 1, Paul and Suzee Grilley

I am constant author of the Wild Yogi magazine, teach at TTC’s in Moscow, St.Petersburg and other Russian cities. Senior teacher at Yoga108 center, Moscow.

Web: www.mv-yoga.com

Maria on Facebook

Artem Frolov (St.Petersburg)


Lectures about Yoga-therapy

These classes are in Russian.

I graduated from Pavlov’s Saint-Petersburg Medical University in 1997, and completed clinical residency in cardiology at Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies (1997-99), additional training courses in Clinical Fitotherapy (2010), Clinical and Classic homeopathy (2010), at Mechnikov’s Medical Academy (2010), Reflex Therapy (2011) at Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies.I worked as a cardiologist in ICU ward, specializing in functional and supersonic methods of heart examination.For about 10 years I managed large multidisciplinary polyclinic medical institutions, being involved in quality examination for hospital and outpatient medical aid.

I have been practicing hatha yoga since 1997, taking the experience of various schools, from Russian and foreign yoga teachers. Experience in teaching yoga since 2003.

My specialization is yoga therapy and traditional methods of treatment, being the leading teacher of the Yoga Therapy course at the Institute of Traditional Treatment systems in Moscow and a teacher on a yoga teacher training course at Ashtanga Yoga Center.

The chairman of Saint-Petersburg yoga therapy society. The author of a number of publications in yoga physiology, yoga therapy, fitotherapy. The director of “YogaMed – St.Petersburg”, specialized yoga therapy studio.

My article Yoga-Therapy in gynecology in Wild Yogi Magazine wildyogi.info/en/issue/artem-frolov-yoga-therapy-gynecology

Website: artem-frolov.spb.ru/eng

Leila Gadjinskaya, Anna Yunosheva, Max Kornilov (Moscow)

1 -3 Thai Massage for yogis. These classes are in Russian.

Leila, Anna and Maxim are certified teachers of Thai Massage, studied in Chiang May (Thailand) with Mama Nit, Pichest Boontumme and other famous teachers. They teach Thai massage classes and TTC cources in Moscow yoga community and all over Russia.

The are founders of Thai massage Metta School in Moscow.

Web mettaschool.com


Andrey Omkar (Moscow)

Every evening: kirtan on the beach around fireplace.

Kirtan is collective singing of mantras and bhajans (Indian devotional songs). Its inspiring and positive happening – you can just listern, you can sing, you can play instruments. No any professional musical skills need, only an open heart. If you play some instrument – join our kirtan team! Dancing is also good!

Andrey Omkar was born in Belorussia. He is amazing mantras and bhajans singer with rich experience of leading kirtans in yoga studios and festivals of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and India as well (ashrams in Putarpati, Thiruvannamalai, yoga centers in Goa and Karnataka). He was singing bhajans throughout all India, from Kashmir mountains to hot Tamil Nadu.
For 7 years he was singer of Folk Capella in Belorussia. In 2010 moved to St.Petersburg where studied in «School of Folk Singing» under guidance of teacher G.E.Velhovetsky. Now Andrey lives in Moscow and leading kirtans in Yoga108 Center and other studios.
Andrey Omkar on Facebook


Andrey Omkar & Q-band – Bom Bholenath!

Andrey Omkar & Aleksina – Prasida, mantra of Mother-Earth


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