Dearbhla Kelly (USA)



1. Ancient Practice, Modern Insights: Yoga and the Science of the Self?. Asanas, kriyas, pranayama are some of the techniques of hatha yoga mentioned in the 15C Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Contemporary science confirms the importance of these practices for our physical health, energetic resilience, and psychic wellbeing. We will begin with a brief discussion of the science behind why these practices work so well, followed by a physical practice beginning with pranayama and abdominal kriyas, and move into a stabilizing and energetizing vinyasa practice. Be prepared to leave feeling rejuvenated and expansive. Lecture & Practice.

2. The Art of Backbends. Backbends are highly beneficial energetically, emotionally and physiologically: from stretching the upper body, decompressing the lumbar spine and encouraging deep diaphragmatic breathing, to feeling exhilarated and open-hearted. Just as the tree needs roots that are anchored deeply in the earth to soar towards the sky, deep backbends need structural support from the trunk of the body. Sweetness and ease (sukha) in backbends require stability (sthiram), which comes from abdominals, thighs and bandhas.
We will take a close look at the structural components of backbending: how to use the abdominals, and muscles of the inner thighs and pelvic floor. We will also address mula and uddiyana bandhas, the more subtle components of achieving a safe and deep backbend. Focusing on stability and grace will make way for ease. Prepare to go deep and leave feeling open, bright, and smiling from your lotus heart. Practice.

3. Flooded with Joy. Your brain contains a network of neurons, incomparably vast, with more connections than are stars in the Milky Way. Lit up, this luminous filigree would dazzle all within its sights. The threads of this delicate web are pulsing with shimmering molecules, tiny packets of ecstasy, spreading their dharma of delight. Deep breathing stimulates a cascade of bliss molecules to light up every fibre of your being; practicing asana and pranayam your body becomes a field of radiant sensation.
Our vinyasa flow practice will be a moving meditation on the breath as we flow from surya namaskar to standing poses, deep forward folds, twists and exultant backbends. We will sing the body electric and breathe the body of bliss. Come celebrate your senses! Practice.

These classes are in English.

Dearbhla Kelly (M.A. ) is a Los Angeles-based yoga teacher, philosopher and writer whose work has appeared in the Huffington Post, Yoga Journal, and Origin Magazine. A dedicated ashtanga practitioner, Dearbhla teaches yoga, philosophy and neuroscience workshops worldwide. Her lilting Irish accent and Dublin wit make her classes uniquely enjoyable.




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